Beard Grooming Explained

Grooming your beard

Comb your hair in the direction that it grows so that the hairs are at their greatest height and dealing with in the very same direction. Then come to a decision how you want your beard to seem when you’re concluded trimming.

Shave as you frequently do, together with the exposed sections of cheeks and neck. Clean off the shaving product and damp your beard slightly. Then figure out how a great deal hair you want to minimize and placement the hair size selector accordingly. Recall, till you are familiar with working with the trimmer, it can be always improved to find a lengthier hair environment to begin with in order not to trim way too a great deal hair.
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Trim Beard Length

Place trimmer guard attachment on and transform the trimmer so the front of the chopping device is going through away from you. Begin trimming beneath your chin and, subsequent your jawbone line, perform toward your ear and upper beard line employing an upward movement. Allow the trimmer guard attachment to follow the contours of your experience. You could trim either in opposition to or with the route of beard progress, whichever you desire.

Defining Your Beard Line

Eliminate trimmer guard attachment and hold the trimmer vertically with trimmer cutting blades experiencing you. Commence with the edge of your beard line, and with the chopping blades resting evenly versus your skin, use motions toward the edge of beard line to trim the beard line to wanted area.

Thin And Taper The Beard

Clear away trimmer guard attachment and use the unit’s styling comb or yet another modest comb and maintain the beard hairs in place whilst trimming. Holding the trimmer horizontally with the cutting unit facing absent from you, go the trimmer together the size of the comb.

Producing The ‘Stubble Look’

Make sure that the trimmer guard attachment is on and established to position one(one.5 mm) or two (two.five mm). Keep the trimmer horizontally with the cutting unit experiencing either up down. Trim hairs employing an upward or downward movement, against or with the way of hair progress, whichever you want. For an even closer “stubble glance,” take away the trimmer guard attachment and repeat the former two methods. Be cautious not to take away way too a lot hair, producing a “blotchy” seem.

Beard Trimming Strategies

Beard trimmers are simpler to use than scissors, as you can adjust trimmer configurations to slash hair at a variety of lengths. Established your beard trimmer to a lengthier hair duration if you might be new to utilizing 1 – you really don’t want to slice too much at initial. Soaked hair is lengthier than dry hair, so trim a minimal at a time.

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